May 2017

Game On

Russia’s Vladimir Putin met with Saudi Arabia’s prince Mohammed yesterday in what many will probably see as an unavoidable warming between two of the worst-hit survivors from the oil price crash. Continue reading “Game On”


Analyze This

Venezuela could be the next that tips the scales of oil prices in a more favorable direction, at least for producing countries. Continue reading “Analyze This”

The Importance of Being Consistent

I’ll be really quick. I’ve been saying this for a while now: a couple of words from Khalid al-Falih are enough to drive oil prices up or down. Continue reading “The Importance of Being Consistent”

Time for More Production Disruptions in Libya

Libya has bumped up its daily crude output above 700,000 barrels¬†and, just yesterday, seized two tankers illegally loading crude. That may be good for Libya but it’s certainly not good for international oil prices. Continue reading “Time for More Production Disruptions in Libya”

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