Old news, old news, BP spill, real good news, and a bit of geopolitics. I’d say it’s a pretty mixed company but I’m reasonably happy to be in it.

Trump has been making it easier for drillers to drill everywhere pretty much since he took office and I doubt he’ll stop anytime soon.

The Citgo saga has also been going on for a while now and will continue for the foreseeable future. A lot of people including meĀ wrote about it back in March: there’s just no way anyone would allow Rosneft to take Citgo. Period. It’s ridiculous.

Another BP spill, isn’t that hilarious? No, of course it isn’t. It’s just bad luck I expect. oh, by the way, a research just calculated the damage that the Deepwater Horizon disaster caused the environment is worth $17.2 billion. Or rather, that’s the amount people are willing to pay to avoid another Deepwater Horizon.

Well done, Portland and Multnomah! I really hope this works — these guys seem to have given themselves enough time. At the rate that energy storage systems are evolving right now, by 2050 we’ll probably have all it takes to have an oil and gas-free city the size of Portland or larger. That’s a nice thought.

China is getting fed up with the little neighbor. I’m as curious as anyone what will happen next and I can only hope I won’t have to write about a North Korean humanitarian crisis.